It probably goes without saying that your air conditioner is one of those appliances in your home that you rely on, and probably appreciate, the most. This is particularly true during the scorching and long summers we experience. With soaring temperatures and occasional humidity on top of it, we rely very heavily on these systems for a huge chunk of the year. So when you need Boerne, TX air conditioning services, you need them fast—and we’re the team to call!

In the meantime though, we’d like to talk a bit about one of the most common AC repair services we get called for, and that’s reduced airflow. That is—cool air that’s coming out of your vents but is just not as powerful as it should be. This may not seem like a huge issue at first, as long as you’re able to stay relatively cool, but the problem is that it causes your AC system to struggle and thus wear down much faster than normal. In addition, neglecting the problem means that whatever is causing the problem will only get worse. With that being said…

What Actually Causes Low Airflow?

There is no single cause of this air conditioner problem. For this reason (and more) it’s important that you not try to attempt air conditioning repairs or diagnostics by yourself. We do first recommend checking your air filter to make sure it’s not significantly clogged, since this can definitely impact airflow.

Air filters are in place to protect the inside components of your HVAC systems, and they should be changed or cleaned every 1-3 months. This is dependent on the level of contaminants in your home and the type of air filter you have.

But what if the air filter is just fine and you’re still getting low airflow? Well then one of two things is happening. Either:

  1. Something is blocking the flow of air, or
  2. Something is affecting the mechanism driving the air.

Blockages, whether they’re in your ductwork or surrounding your AC system’s outdoor unit (usually in the form of a buildup of dirt, dust and debris) can cause a number of problems for your air conditioner. In some cases, a blockage can be caused by ductwork damage—things like crimps, leaks or breaches—that pull in hot air into the AC system and can make it feel like you aren’t getting the appropriate airflow.

The ironic part of this is that cooler air will stay trapped in the AC system itself as a result, and this can cause ice to form on your coil, creating subsequent problems.

What Drives the Air Through Your System?

So we mentioned that a lack of powerful airflow can be from something affecting the mechanism driving the air. The component responsible for this task is called a blower fan. The fan itself might be bent or broken, and therefore causing your low airflow issues. If it’s not that, then it can be that you have a fan motor problem—this motor might be failing altogether or there can be a problem with the power supply, like frayed electrical wiring.

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