You don’t need to be able to predict the weather to know that San Antonio has a history of sweltering hot temperatures, that can become unbearable without efficient San Antonio air conditioning. Sufficient cooling is far more of a luxury on our part—it’s a necessity. This is why you should make sure it gets professionally inspected and tuned up each year.

Without routine AC maintenance, you have no hope of your home’s cooling system functioning at peak performance levels as reliably as you need it to. Air conditioners are mechanical systems, after all, and running them as hard as we do for as long as we do means they will accumulate some serious wear and tear over time. Let us maintain your cooling system so you can enjoy the comfort you deserve, this summer and beyond.

The Advantages of AC Maintenance

Tuning up your air conditioner is, without a doubt, the best step you can take toward protecting the system’s integrity. Imagine, if you will, that you’re training for a marathon, and that you decide to take a break after getting up every day and running for months and months. Suddenly, you jump right back into your training regimen right before the big run. That wouldn’t work out too well, right?

While we don’t have much of a cooling “off-season,” these next couple of months do provide you with a great opportunity to get your air conditioner back on track efficiency-wise. Maintenance will let us make sure that the wear and tear suffered over the last year will be addressed, keeping the system in the best working condition possible and allowing it to function effectively and efficiently.

“Can’t I Just Maintain My Cooling System?”

No. True air conditioning maintenance that makes a difference to the performance of your cooling system needs to be performed by a professional. There are a few small maintenance tasks you can do on your own. This includes changing your air filter regularly and keeping the area around the outdoor condenser unit clean.

However, there’s much more to regular air conditioning tune-ups than these basic steps. Thorough and effective air conditioning maintenance requires the training and skills that only experienced professionals have. When we maintain your cooling system, we’ll do the following (and more).

  • Test Your Thermostat
  • Check the Capacitors
  • Check All Electrical Connections
  • Check for Refrigerant Leaks
  • Clean the Coils
  • Lubricate Moving Parts as Needed
  • Chemically Clean the Outdoor Unit
  • Inspect Your Ductwork
  • Treat Filter with Anti-Microbial Spray
  • Check Your Condensate Drain Line, Treat, and Clear if Needed

Ask about Our Maintenance Program

When you enroll in a maintenance program, the onus is no longer on you to remember to schedule your tune-ups each year—it’s on us. There are more benefits to that as well. When you schedule maintenance with our team, you receive several exclusive bonuses, such as priority scheduling and discounts on parts and equipment.

For expert air conditioning maintenance, you can count on, contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating.

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