It’s true, we don’t have to deal with the severely cold temperatures that other parts of the country do during winter. As such, you probably aren’t too worried about your heating system just yet. However, with how much we use our air conditioners around here, don’t you want to do everything you can to save energy—and subsequently, money?

How you use your thermostat plays a big role in this, not only during the cooling season but in the winter as well. Fortunately, we are here for you when you with superior professional thermostat services in San Antonio, TX. But we would like to help you understand the HVAC-thermostat relationship so that you know when you need these services.

The Impact of Thermostat Problems on Your HVAC System

Your thermostat is the control system—the brain, if you will—of your HVAC system. It enables you to choose when the heater or cooling system turns on, and what the temperature of your home will be. In many ways, it doesn’t interfere with the HVAC system at all. The individual components in your heater or AC will function as they’re meant to regardless of what your thermostat does.

However, thermostat problems affect your ability to control the HVAC system, and as a result, are just as bad as having a problem with the HVAC system itself. Your heater or AC may not turn on when it’s supposed to and/or turn off when you need it to. Both of these situations result in an uncomfortable home, plus they waste energy and money.

Thermostat Troubles Can Cause Short Cycling

Your thermostat could also cause the HVAC system to cycle on and off rapidly, a process known as short cycling. Your furnace or central air conditioner spends a good amount of energy simply turning on and off, which is why you want yours to run for at least 15 minutes at a time before shutting off.

The good news in all of this is that thermostats are typically easier to repair or replace than other components of your complex HVAC system since they’re separate unit, that is easily accessible as well. Our team can get to the root of the problem and find out if, first of all, your thermostat is causing your HVAC woes and if it is, whether a repair or an upgrade would be the best choice for you moving forward.

Should I Upgrade My Thermostat?

Let’s put it this way—when it comes to making upgrades to your HVAC systems, a thermostat replacement is probably the most affordable thing you can do and yet can save you the most amount of money. A thermostat that is off by even a couple of degrees can have a significant negative impact on your cooling or heating bills.

This is especially pertinent to folks who are still using a hard-wired, manual thermostat. Digital, programmable thermostat systems offer several key benefits that are worth your consideration. First off, they’re much easier to reach and control, and they’re almost always more accurate than the older, conventional thermostats. Lastly, a programmable thermostat allows you to create a customized schedule of heating and cooling that works around your specific needs.

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