There are several ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system, but one often overlooked option is updating your thermostat. Thermostats have come a long way since the days of the mercury-based dial thermostats, and today’s models can offer ease of use, convenience, and, best of all, better energy efficiency. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve the energy usage of your cooling system, it may be time to consider a thermostat upgrade in San Antonio. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating has a wide range of thermostats from which to choose, and we can help you install a thermostat that will be a great fit for your needs.

Ways a New Thermostat Can Help with Energy Efficiency

There are a few ways in which a new thermostat can help you achieve better energy efficiency:

  • Precision – the digital face of a new thermostat allows you to be precise when setting your temperature. With older thermostats, setting a precise temperature can be a challenge, as many of the faces state a range of degrees rather than an exact number. As such, you may be 2-3 degrees off with an older thermostat, which can cost you money in energy every month.
  • Programmability – a programmable thermostat not only offers you the precision of a digital face, but you can also program it. Programs typically run in 7-day increments, and you can loop the program if desired. Programming allows you to heat and cool your home as needed so that you aren’t wasting energy cooling a home that isn’t occupied.
  • Track energy usage with a smart thermostat – smart thermostats use Wi-Fi to operate. You can access your home’s thermostat with any smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) using a simple, downloadable app. There are many benefits to choosing a smart thermostat, one of them being the ability to track your energy usage. This can be incredibly helpful when trying to reduce your air conditioner’s energy usage.

A thermostat upgrade in San Antonio can give you that boost in energy efficiency you’ve been looking for.

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