Congratulations, you’ve decided to have a furnace installed in your home—either as a replacement for an older system or as a system for a new home. A furnace should provide you with years of indoor comfort. However, we want to caution you about some of the mistakes that can occur during furnace installation—and the one simple solution that you apply to avoid them.

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Furnace installation mistakes

  • The furnace isn’t sized properly: A furnace cannot be either too large or too small for the space it must heat. An undersized furnace will not provide enough heat and will need to run constantly to strain to reach its target temperature. Too large a furnace and the system will “short-cycle,” turning on and off repeatedly as it reaches the target setting too fast. In both cases, the furnace will rapidly wear down and require premature replacement.
  • The furnace is improperly connected to the ducts: If the furnace you have installed will hook up to a preexisting set of ducts, careful work must go into securing the new system. Often, some ducts will need to be reconfigured to accommodate the new furnace. A sloppy or inexperienced job will result in leaks in the ductwork and a furnace struggling to provide the heat required from it.
  • The ventilation is done poorly: If you have a gas furnace installed, it needs to have proper ventilation to release the combustion exhaust gas after its heat is transferred to the air. If the exhaust flue in the furnace is put in incorrectly with a faulty damper, or if it is the wrong size, it can lead to a dangerous situation where the exhaust flows back into the cabinet or never makes it to the outside at all.

There is a simple way to avoid all these mistakes: hire experienced, licensed professionals to handle your installation and handle it from the start of choosing and sizing your furnace. If you rely on amateurs, you won’t have any assurance that the work will be done right, and you may even end up with a potentially dangerous furnace in your home! Rely on professionals with a long track history of successful installations.

Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating has kept our customers happy and cozy for over 25 years. We can handle your furnace installation in Selma, TX so that you will have the warmth you want along with many years of trouble-free performance. Call us today to get started.

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