Heat pumps are very similar to air conditioning systems: they use an identical system of circulating refrigerant between two sets of coils to carry out heat exchange (moving heat from one location to another) and contain a similar set of components in an almost copycat configuration. They both use indoor and outdoor cabinets, with the compressor housed in the outdoor cabinet, and two sets of fans used to move air across the coils. The indoor blower fans send conditioned air into the ductwork.

Because of their similarities, they also share similar maintenance needs that a technician will take care of when he or she arrives for the annual tune-up and inspection. The technician will look over the electrical system, the capacitors, the motors, the compressor, the thermostat… none of this is different from one system to the other.

But heat pumps do have some specific needs, which are listed below. Make sure that when you schedule heat pump maintenance in Selma, TX, you call the experienced team at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating.

The special maintenance needs of a heat pump

  • The reversing valve: The component that makes the difference between a heat pump and a standard air conditioner is the valve that controls the flow of refrigerant. The reversing valve is located in the outdoor unit connected to the compressor. As refrigerant exits from the compressor, the reversing valve guides the direction it will go, and subsequently, whether the system will run in heating or cooling mode. Part of maintenance is to see that this crucial valve is operating correctly and doesn’t need replacement.
  • The drip pans—both of them: Air conditioners have a condensate pan to catch moisture that drips down from the evaporator coil, where a drain and pump remove it. Because a heat pump can swap the role of the two coils, both the indoor and outdoor units perform evaporation and therefore there are two sets of condensate pans to check and clean at each maintenance visit.
  • The thermostat: The thermostat for a heat pump must go an extra level of control because it activates the reversing valve as well. If the thermostat is miscalibrated or loses its connection to the reversing valve, the heat pump will become stuck in one mode or the other.

Have you had your heat pump maintenance yet?

All home comfort systems require annual maintenance to make sure they work correctly, efficiently, and without impending repair needs. The special balance needed for a heat pump to work as both a heater and AC means they must have technicians familiar with their workings to perform the maintenance. You’ll find the experienced people for the job at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating.

We have worked on heat pump maintenance in Selma, TX for over 25 years, and our preventive maintenance agreement will take care of all your needs for tune-ups and inspections.

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