A long time ago, furnaces were extremely inefficient ways to heat a home. But these days, modern innovations in technology as well as government standards for required energy savings make manufacturers responsible for how much energy your unit uses for heating. All modern furnaces must have an AFUE of at least 80%, a vast improvement over those built a few decades ago, which often had a much lower annual fuel utilization efficiency rating closer to 50-60%.

But even though any new furnace can help to save you some money, you may notice that you still have quite a few options available for new installation. When it comes to choosing between electric or gas furnaces in San Antonio, Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating wants to help you figure out the right option with this guide.

How It Works: Gas Furnaces

A gas furnace uses natural gas, which comes straight from your utility company, as well as some mechanical parts operated by electricity. However, electrical bills will remain low because the energy needed to operate these parts is minimal. In general, a gas furnace operates by letting fuels into a combustion chamber when heating is needed. While older gas furnaces require a standing pilot to stay on at all times, today’s units only turn on the gas when the thermostat communicates to the unit that the temperature in the living space has dropped too low.

Electric Furnaces: An Option for Some

Although most homes can accommodate electrical furnace installation, it’s rarely chosen in most homes. Simply put, electricity is expensive. Paying to run a gas furnace is generally far less expensive than an electrical one, but an electric furnace has its perks. For one, many people worry about gas furnace installation because of the possible fire and safety hazards. However, with proper maintenance, this is not a concern, and modern furnaces don’t tend to run into these problems. But electricity is also the only option for some homeowners without any access to a natural gas line.

There are many other complicated steps involved when selecting a furnace for your home, including careful load calculations and determining necessary efficiency ratings.

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