We may not be known for the dramatic winter temperatures that other parts of the country experience, but that doesn’t mean our winters don’t bring some cold days and even chillier nights, which require a fully functioning heating system.

Radiant heating has become a leading choice in recent years. It’s convenient, and efficient, and leaves homes feeling comfortable without the threat of poor indoor air quality from air ducts. One of the reasons people choose these systems is because of the low amount of maintenance they require. This is not to say they don’t need any, however!

How Does Radiant Heating Work?

It’s important to understand how this heating system works to understand why it needs routine maintenance. While some radiant systems utilize electric radiant heating panels, many homeowners choose to use a boiler instead, which circulates heated water through a network of piping running through the home. This piping is installed behind walls and/or beneath floors, making the installation of these systems best for when a home is being newly constructed or remodeled.

A Low Maintenance Heating System

One of the leading benefits of choosing radiant heating is that this system does not require air ducts to heat a home. Boilers are far less mechanically complex than furnaces, too. They don’t require fans and other moving parts that furnaces or heat pumps do, and you never have to worry about breached ductwork.

Fans and ductwork leave room for damages, and as such require a lot more maintenance than a radiant heating system does. However, the boiler component of your radiant heating system must still be inspected and tuned up every year. This will ensure that your radiant heating system will last as long as possible, and will perform safely and effectively throughout its entire lifecycle.

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