Summer is certainly upon us, in case you couldn’t tell already! It can feel like summer lasts all year long sometimes, and as such you don’t want to be stuck with an air conditioning system that doesn’t function as it should. Routine maintenance is essential to ensuring that this isn’t the case, but maintenance can only go so far.

No air conditioner is immune to problems. Though these problems will range in severity, our professionals can be relied upon to come in and fix them or recommend a solid replacement option no matter what. Read on to discover a few common signs of air conditioning trouble.

Mounting Energy Bills

Have you noticed a spike in your utility bills? If you aren’t using your air conditioner any differently than you did last year, and if your neighbors are paying less than you despite comparable use, then you might have a problem. Perhaps you have breached ductwork that’s causing you to lose conditioned air. Or you may have a refrigerant leak that is preventing your AC from reaching its full cooling capabilities.

Ice Development

You may have thought differently, but ice forming on your air conditioner system is not normal in any way shape, or form. This most often occurs due to a refrigerant leak, so be sure to have this problem checked out. Delaying this repair can cause your evaporator coil to warp due to the heavy weight of the ice, and will cause your AC to work harder than it should have to to properly cool your home.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

Your air conditioner consumes a high amount of electricity, and as a result, will probably require its circuit breaker. This is especially true for central AC systems. If your air conditioner is too large for your current electric system, then your circuit breaker may trip. This can also be a sign that your electrical panel needs an upgrade.

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