Have you ever wondered about your indoor air quality? Sure, your AC unit helps to reduce humidity and filter out dust, allergens, and viruses, but there’s only so much it can do. The past few years have made it even clearer how beneficial an air cleaner can be for your home and health. Washing hands helps to stop the spread of germs, but why stop there? Take the extra step of cleaning your air to increase your chances of staying well.

Our team has a solution. If you’re concerned about air filtration in San Antonio, give us a call. We offer air purifiers that help to kill bacteria and viruses while also eliminating dust and mold. Below are the top five benefits of a whole-house air cleaner.

Eliminate Odors

Air purifiers help to get rid of unpleasant smells that may be circulating in your home. Smells may be from your cat litter box, other pets, sports equipment, or several other things. Some smells even come from mold and mildew. In that case, you’re not just eliminating the smell, you’re eliminating the source of the problem. Many air cleaners use UV germicidal lights to achieve this goal.

Reduce Contaminants

Contaminants can range from mold and mildew to bacteria and viruses. Some are more harmful than others, but all negatively impact your health. The problem is that the particles are so tiny that you can’t even see them in the air. An air purifier enhances the work that your AC unit is already doing and eliminates even more particles. Each air cleaner has a different rating, so make sure you understand what your air purifier can do so you have reasonable expectations.

Keep Your Home Safe

Your air cleaner is making your home safer by eliminating smells and contaminants. But it’s also safe for your home because it doesn’t pose any hazards of its own. Some solutions come with a long list of downsides that make you question whether the pros outweigh the cons. That’s not the case with an air cleaner. They mount inside your air ducts so they don’t take up space. That ensures they clean the air before it ever blows through the vents of your home.

Boost Efficiency

Many homeowners wonder if an air cleaner will cost more in energy than it’s worth. But air cleaners are very energy efficient. They can reduce some of the strain on your AC unit, too. When an air cleaner removes dust and mold from the air, your air filters won’t fill up as quickly. This means that your AC has an easier job and can run with more efficiency.

Filter Out Dust and Mold

In the air conditioning industry, there is a term called VOC, which is short for volatile organic compounds. Dust and mold fall into this category because they can negatively impact your health. Other airborne particles include spray paint, fumes from cooking, and chemicals. A good air cleaner can help eliminate these particles from the air that circulates through your AC unit.

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