You’re probably more concerned with the air quality outdoors if you’re living here in San Antonio, but we want to encourage you to take more interest in your indoor air quality. Living in a metropolitan area means you’ll battle against pollution and other issues; however, your indoor air quality gets pretty bad too.

Builders here in San Antonio construct homes to be incredibly energy-efficient. They’re sealed very tightly so that there won’t be many things leaking into your home—this is great for your energy savings. However, this is a problem when dust and debris start to accumulate inside your home because there’s no easy way for it to get out without many options for ventilation. If you want to boost your home’s indoor air quality try a humidifier in San Antonio, TX.

Winter Indoor Air Quality Problems

If you’re like most homeowners, you might not even realize the problems that you’re having stem from your IAQ. Here are a few common problems caused by poor winter indoor air quality:

Static Electricity

Dry air means that static electricity has the chance to flourish. If you’re walking through your home and you’re constantly getting zapped when you touch doorknobs and handles it’s because you’re air desperately needs moisture.

Dry Hair, Skin, and Nails

Another symptom of dry winter air is dehydrated hair, skin, and nails. When your winter air dries out then your body dries out too. If you’re suffering from especially straw-like hair, dry skin, and brittle nails don’t chalk it up completely to winter, the negative conditions of your home can impact this too.

Marred Furniture

Is the wooden furniture in your home cracking or chipping? This is also because your home is so dry. We can’t emphasize this enough—when the air in your home is dry, everything in it (including you) also dries out. If you’d like to keep your wooden furnishing pristine it’s a great idea to balance the humidity levels in your home.

Exacerbated Respiratory Issues

Coughing, wheezing, and sneezing all winter long? This is likely because of a combination of increased dust and debris in your home, dry conditions, or a combination of the two.

What You Can Do

The best action to take in this circumstance is installing a humidifier. Don’t run down to the store and buy a small humidifier that people use for cold and flu season either. There’s no point in conditioning the air in only one section of your home—you need a whole-home humidifier in your home.

Here in Texas we normally think of humidity as a bad thing because of our hot, wet summer conditions, but humidity is a great ally to have in your home during winter. Dry and contaminated winter air is easily combatted by a humidification system. If you notice that you suffer from all the problems above then contact our team to learn more about humidifiers.

We can match your home with the right humidification system here in San Antonio. If you’re struggling with your indoor air quality then contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating.

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