Making air conditioners more “green” is a continuing goal of both the cooling industry and the global environmental community. With stronger federal mandates designed to help reduce greenhouse gases, a lot of new technologies have been applied to how air conditioners operate, including the advent of solar air conditioning. At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we think that solar power is an excellent way to run your cooling system on a renewable, limitless resource.

If you are interested in how solar air conditioning in San Antonio may work for you, schedule an appointment with Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today.

Two Types of Solar Air Conditioners

There are two types of solar air conditioners on the market:
  • A hybrid system
  • Solar-powered absorption chillers
  • The Hybrid System

The hybrid system combines a photovoltaic system with a battery (DC) to deliver a direct current of electricity to your air conditioner. These two systems automatically alternate feeding your air conditioner the energy it needs to run. In hybrid mode, both systems’ batteries charge when the sun is shining so that when the sun isn’t shining, the system can run on the energy stored in the batteries. Lastly, this system can be tied into your home’s electrical system so there is a backup to power the system should it be needed.

Absorption Chillers

Absorption chillers, also known as evaporative coolers or “swamp coolers,” have been around for a long time. What’s different with a solar-powered absorption cooler is that solar energy is used to power the fan and motor instead of electricity. Some models have the option of being plugged into an outlet, and all have a backup battery that stores energy from the photovoltaic cells in the solar panel.

One thing to keep in mind with an absorption chiller is that it needs a water source to run, so this could increase your property’s water bill.

Is a Solar Air Conditioner for You?

Going green is great for you and the environment, but knowing if it’s a good option for your home is best decided with a professional. Thinking about installing solar air conditioning on your San Antonio property? Call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts!

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