Dust is a major enemy of many appliances in your home, not to mention your house’s general appearance. One appliance in your home that can suffer serious consequences from a dust infiltration is your furnace, whether it’s gas-powered or electrical. Dust in the ductwork, clogging, the air filter, or infiltrating the cabinet will lead to issues that can even result in the furnace breaking down. We’ll go over ways dust can trouble your furnace so you’ll know when to call for the necessary repairs.

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Dust and Your Furnace—The Major Problems

  • Clogged air filter: The filter of your furnace is its main defense against dust getting through to contaminate the interior. For it to do its job, you need to change it every month during the heating season. If too must dust clogs it, it will reduce airflow to the furnace and end up cutting into its heating power.
  • Motor damage: If dust enters the furnace cabinet, the components it will affect the fastest are the motors. Dusty motor bearings and pistons will cause a motor to burn out, and it will need replacement. Listen for screeching and shrieking noises from the cabinet, or acrid smells from the vents, to warn you of this.
  • The burner won’t ignite: For a gas furnace, dust contamination along the burner unit will prevent the gas jets from igniting because of a lack of oxygen. Professionals will need to remove the burner unit and clean it.
  • Reduced efficiency from contaminated ductwork: As dust and dirt begin to build up inside the ductwork, it creates resistance against the airflow from the furnace’s air handler. This will make the furnace work harder, and in turn, cause its components to begin to wear down faster. Regular duct cleaning will help prevent this—and will also lead to cleaner indoor air for your home.

Repairs, Maintenance, and Duct Cleaning

To keep the best care of your furnace, you need to call for repairs whenever you sense there’s a problem. With regular maintenance (once a year, usually in the fall) and regular duct cleaning, you can help keep away many repair needs and give your furnace a long and energy-efficient life.

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