We know that we’re moving right into spring now, but that doesn’t mean that one day is going to change on the calendar and you’re not going to need your heater for the next few months. In reality, it’s going to be a slow transition into the spring and summer seasons. This is why you shouldn’t completely ditch your heater right now. You need to make sure that it’s prepared and tucked away properly before the warm weather arrives.

If you need great San Antonio heating services, then we’re the team that can help you with this. We’re going to teach you warning signs that you need late-season repair and teach you how to prepare your heater for a season of inactivity as well.

How to Prepare Your Heater for Spring

Here are some simple ways to prepare your heater for the spring season.

  1. Repair If Necessary

    Be honest with yourself—were you struggling all winter long with your heater?

    Struggling looks like difficulty getting warm, paying too much for your home heating, or even noticing low airflow. If you’ve struggled for winter long, then it’s time for you to fix your problems now. We know that when the weather starts to warm up it’s easy to put all thoughts of your home’s heater in the past. This is how you land yourself into a whole host of trouble. This is how significant repair problems sneak up on you.

  2. Get a Humidifier

    Have you noticed that you’re always struggling to get warm no matter the status of your heater? If this is the case, then the problem probably doesn’t stem from your home’s heater, it stems from your home’s indoor air quality. Your moisture balance is integral in the process of your home heating. If you want better heating, then you should start by adding a humidifier.

  3. Have Your Ducts Cleaned

    Cleaning out your ducts ensures that you’re getting the best service possible. When you have ducts clogged up with dirt, grime, dust, and all other types of issues, then you’re making your heater jump through hurdles just to warm your home. A duct cleaning performed by a professional will make things much easier.

  4. Change Your Filter

    It’s important to change out your HVAC system filter once a season or once every few months. If you haven’t already done so for the season, then make sure that this is something that you do now. Changing your filter prepares your HVAC system for all the work it has to do during the height of the season.

  5. Clear It Out

    It’s easy to move your home’s furniture around and block an area of output on accident. This is the last thing you want to do because it lowers your home’s efficiency while making you pay more. You don’t have to do too much heavy lifting. Just make sure that all the vents throughout your home are clear. We’re here to help you if you realize that you do need a little more heavy lifting.

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