Insulation. When you hear this word, do you automatically think of keeping warm? Most people do. Insulation is the warm coat wrapped around you in winter to protect you from the cold. Insulation is the material around wires to keep them from spreading heat where it can cause damage. Insulation is the fluffy stuff in your attic and walls that make sure your house stays warm during chilly weather.

But insulation is protection from both the cold and the heat. With proper insulation in Boerne, TX, you will help your air conditioner perform a better and more energy-efficient job through a hot summer. We’ll explain how this works and how Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can help you with your home’s insulation needs. Contact us to set an appointment or to request an estimate.

Insulation and keeping cool in the summer

Here’s what insulation does: it prevents or restricts the movement of heat. It is a thermal barrier that works in both directions. Heat attempts to move from an area of higher concentration to a cooler region, and insulation blocks this movement. During the winter, the insulation in a house traps the heat inside that comes from the heating system and makes it easier to stay warm—the same way that a coat traps your body heat around you and keeps you from feeling cold.

During the summer, the process works the opposite: the insulation in your home prevents the exterior heat from coming through the walls and unnecessarily raising the temperature. The attic is a place where this is especially important. Because the radiant heat from the sun on the roof will elevate the attic temperatures to extremes (130°F is not uncommon), the attic will turn into a source of warmth that will seep down into a home and raise the temperature by 10°F or more. But thick insulation in the attic floor will keep the attic heat restricted there.

With less heat entering your home, your air conditioning system will need to run less. You’ll have lower electrical bills and less strain placed on the AC. In the long run, the air conditioner will experience fewer repair needs and last longer before needing a replacement.

Here’s how we can help

Our insulation experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can check your home’s air sealing to find places where weak or absent insulation is permitted in extra heat. We will then find the best method to seal up these leaks so you have an energy-efficient home that’s much easier to keep cool.

You can trust your insulation in Boerne, TX to our work. Using spray foam insulation, blown-in insulation, and radiant barriers in the roof, we can create a create heat seal for your home.

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