Solar energy is gaining popularity as homeowners look for ways to save money and reduce their use of fossil fuels. However, many homeowners are unable to use solar energy to power an entire home or want to try out solar energy before making major changes to the entire home. Solar air conditioning installation is one way to take advantage of the sun’s energy in a high-performance system.

Air conditioners use up a lot of energy, but solar-powered systems can use little or no energy at times. Here at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we want to help you learn about the two types of systems available for solar air conditioning installation in San Antonio, and what is involved in the installation process.

Solar Air Conditioning Installation

In San Antonio, you have a few of options for solar air conditioning installation. The installation process involves both indoor and outdoor installation, and the use of PV (photovoltaic) panels or an alternative solar collector mounted on the rooftop. In general, installation is not a job for amateurs, as it involves many steps and depends somewhat on the layout of your home. These are the two basic types of solar units.

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners: The PV panels used by hybrid systems are what most people picture when they think of solar energy. These panels absorb energy to heat refrigerant and power a backup battery that is used when the sun’s energy is not available. A refrigerant line runs to the condenser which cycles refrigerant to the evaporator unit inside of the house.

Solar-Powered Absorption Chillers: These types of units are most popular for use in commercial properties. The solar collector gathers energy to heat water, which is stored in a storage tank and sets off a thermodynamic process to cool the water and your home or commercial property.

Choosing to switch to solar air conditioning is a great step toward owning an energy-efficient home.

Learn more about solar air conditioning installation in San Antonio by contacting a professional technician at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. Give our technicians a call today!

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