If there’s one thing we all want to do this winter, it’s save money on our heating bills. You’ve probably already spent plenty of money on gifts, travel, and more this past holiday season, so saving money where you can is incredibly necessary. But how can you save money this winter? There are many simple ways that you can boost the efficiency of your home here in San Antonio and we’ve listed a few of the most accessible ways below. If you want to take steps to boost your heater efficiency in San Antonio, TX, then make sure to contact our team. We ensure that our technicians here at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating are well-trained, conscientious, and prepared to handle any issues you have in your home.

Tips for Efficiency

Here are a few ways you can lower your heating bill this winter:

Lower Your Thermostat Setting

There’s a very common misconception among homeowners that turning your thermostat temperature up high during winter will heat your home faster. This is untrue. Your heating system always heats at the same speed, and your thermostat can’t change this. All your thermostat can control is the duration your home heats and when it turns on and off.

If you come home to a cold home and crank your thermostat up high, your heater will just heat much longer until it reaches the high temperature rather than heating any faster. We understand that your patience level probably lowers as the temperature levels drop here in Texas. If you don’t want to wait, then try this next tip…

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Upgrading your thermostat is an extremely effective way to boost your home’s HVAC efficiency. Lots of homeowners still have digital thermostats in their homes, and while this is still a functional means of controlling your heater, it isn’t an efficient one. If you’ve thought about upgrading to a smart thermostat, consider this your sign to do so.

Smart thermostats are great because they learn how you like to heat your home. Smart thermostats know when you like to heat your home and at what temperature you like to do it. Many models can even highlight opportunities for you to save even more on energy expenses if you allow this feature.

Invest in Your Indoor Air Quality

When you want to save money on your heating bill in winter, it’s important to consider your indoor air quality too. When you think about boosting the efficiency of your heater, your mind probably immediately thinks of updating technology, having repairs done, or upgrading parts, but your indoor air quality affects your heating too.

Air that’s incredibly dry in winter or air that’s full of contaminants is very hard on your heating system. Our professionals here at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can assess the air quality in your home and match you with the right IAQ system for your home. We also provide duct cleaning to rid your home of any debris that’s accumulated in your ducts throughout the years.

If you’re looking to save money on your heating this winter, then contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule an appointment.

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