If you’ve lived through a summer before in Texas, you know that the temperatures can soar to brutal levels. An air conditioner is a necessity for making it through the season. Not only an air conditioner but one in excellent operating condition, free from malfunctions and impending malfunctions.

How can you prepare your AC to handle the Texas heat waves? We have some tips to get you started with armoring up your cooling system for the days when the thermometer goes above 100°F. A well-cared-for air conditioner should be capable of handling that, and all the other hot days you may encounter as well.

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Readying your air conditioner for the summer, Texas-style

  • Schedule a maintenance session: We just mentioned this, but it’s important to stress that annual maintenance for an air conditioner is essential for it to operate well and reach its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. A maintenance session takes care of many issues: it cleans the unit, checks for damage and repair needs, adjusts and calibrates the parts necessary to keep the system from draining extra power, and runs tests to make sure the AC operates at its best. If the maintenance technician finds malfunctions, he or she will help you schedule repairs. Speaking of which…
  • Have any necessary repairs done as soon as possible: It’s unwise to begin the summer season with an air conditioner that has a malfunction, even if the malfunction doesn’t seem to affect the system’s cooling performance. Repair needs will make the AC strain, which will make it more expensive to run and trigger further malfunctions. Repair now so you won’t have worse problems later—like an abrupt breakdown.
  • Clear the area around the outside cabinet: The outdoor condenser of your air conditioner needs to have a clear region around it for the proper release of heat. If shrubs, gravel, stones, fallen branches, and other debris are too near it, they can get pulled into the cabinet and cause damage to the components. Clear away all the “driftwood” that might have gathered there in winter.
  • Change the air filter—and keep changing it: The air filter in your air conditioner prevents dust and dirt from coming through the return vent and entering the indoor cabinet. If the filter becomes clogged, it will choke off the airflow to the furnace and make it work harder. Change out the filter for a clean one at the start of the season, and change it every month for the rest of the summer.

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