Summer is officially here, and you know what that means! It is only going to grow hotter than it already is. And when the peak of heat is upon us, you need an air conditioner you can rely on. So, if you suspect anything is wrong with yours—or if you pre-season maintenance—now is the time to call in a pro. Remember, only a trained HVAC professional should work with and diagnose problems in an air conditioner since it involves potentially dangerous chemicals and heavy equipment.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to spot the signs that something is amiss with yours, without a formal diagnosis. And when you do notice that, we are the team to call!

“What If I See Ice On My AC?”

Too many homeowners assume that ice on an air conditioner is a normal occurrence. After all, an air conditioner’s job is to cool, right? Well, yes, but the process doesn’t ever involve ice. If you notice ice, or even frost, on your air conditioning coils then you need to turn off your air conditioner right away and give our team a call.

Ice Creates an Imbalance

The coils of your air conditioner are where the actual cooling of the air occurs. Refrigerant enters the coils in liquid form and under high pressure. From there, it expands into gaseous form, pulling heat from the nearby air in the process. The cold air can then be blown into your house with a fan.

When there is ice or frost on these coils, however, then it interferes with the whole process. It forms an insulating barrier between the refrigerant and the air it needs to cool, meaning that the air conditioner must use more energy than it should have to do its job. More importantly, it increases strain on the various components of the system, which increases the chances of a more serious breakdown.

So, What Causes This Ice?

Ice on your air conditioner can be the result of a few different things. It may be that your system is leaking refrigerant, which can throw off the balance required to properly cool your air. High humidity can also cause ice on the coil as the humid air cools. Low airflow, usually caused by problems with the fan motor or a clogged air filter, is one last possible cause.

What To Do If You Notice Ice On Your AC

We do not recommend—we strongly discourage—that you try to remove ice and frost on your own. First off, you might unintentionally damage the coils of your air conditioner, which will only give you more of a headache. Secondly, removing the ice doesn’t remove the problem causing the ice, so you’ll just see this issue again soon.

Instead, we urge you to call a pro so your air conditioner problem can get properly diagnosed and repaired.

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