If you’re like most San Antonio residents, you likely aren’t using your heater anymore this season, albeit except maybe at night for an hour or two. But is that lack of use because the weather is warming up, or your heater has aged to the point that it can no longer perform as efficiently as it should? Efficiency is a big deal since it directly contributes to how much you’re paying to heat and cool your home every year. But if you’re serious about boosting your San Antonio heating and cooling efficiency, then it’s time to upgrade your aging HVAC unit!

There are several economic benefits to switching from a standard furnace to a ductless system. Keep reading to learn more, and if you already have a ductless system in place, turn to our team for maintenance to ensure it lasts for as long as it should!

What Makes Ductless Systems So Efficient?

This is a question that we get a lot. The simple answer is, “the fact that it’s a heat pump.” But you’d have to understand what a heat pump does and how it works to accept this as an answer.

Heat Transfer: The thing about heat pumps and ductless systems is that they don’t generate heat. Rather they transfer it. In the summertime, much like a central air conditioner, these systems pull heat out of your home and transfer it outdoors. What makes heat pumps different from central systems, though, is that the refrigerant process can be reversed so that in the winter time they can provide your home with effective and efficient heat. During this time of year, the refrigerant is evaporated in the outdoor coil and condensed in the indoor units to use that heat to warm the air in your home. This transfer of heat is far more efficient than the creation of new heat.

Year-Round Versatility: As we just explained above, a heat pump/ductless system can be used both in the winter and the summer. This means if your air conditioner is aging as well, you don’t have to pay to replace two systems this year—you can just buy one!

Zoned Control Heating and Cooling: Another great thing about ductless systems is how they’re set up. As the name implies, they do not require any ductwork. Rather, they consist of multiple wall-mounted units that are each controlled by their thermostat. This prevents family squabbles over the thermostat settings and allows for more efficient heating and cooling since you won’t be paying to condition rooms that don’t need it.

No Air Leaks: With no air ducts come no air leaks. Ductwork damage is a leading cause of energy inefficiency in homes today. When the conditioned air doesn’t make it to its intended destination, your HVAC system has to work that much harder to balance temperatures. This creates increased wear and tear on the system and can lead to premature breakdown.

Overall, upgrading your aging heater will benefit you regardless of what type of system you choose next. But there are certainly advantages to going the ductless route!

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