Our heating systems are not something we give a whole lot of thought to once summer and fall end and we finally start to cool off a bit. But with temperatures already reaching the high 30s at night, it won’t be long before you’re using your heater on a routine basis if you aren’t already. And without professional maintenance, you’re at a greater risk of needing heating repair in Boerne, TX.

While we do offer superior heating repairs, including emergency services, we’d like to help you avoid an emergency to begin with, by providing exceptional maintenance services. If you haven’t already scheduled a tune-up for your heating system, now is the ideal time to give us a call and get that on the schedule.

Maintenance Is Not a Luxury

The thing about maintenance is that many homeowners mistakenly see it as an expensive “luxury” service for their heating systems, rather than a necessary part of keeping their heaters working as effectively and efficiently as they should. We get it, but we’re here to dispel that misconception and let you know just how important maintenance truly is.

Maintenance Increases Safety

Are you using a gas-powered furnace to heat your home this season? If you’re like most homeowners in our area, the chances are high. For any gas-powered system, you must have a licensed professional inspect the system before you start using it regularly.

Current gas-powered systems are built with your safety as the number one priority. However, neglecting your maintenance service increases the chance that you’ll be exposed to toxic gas leaks or combustion hazards. To protect your living space and your family, be sure to have your heater thoroughly checked out by a professional so any necessary repairs can be made.

Maintenance Keeps Your Heater Reliable

A good way to think about maintenance is as an insurance policy for your heater. Or rather, an insurance policy against cold weather. The chances that a furnace or any other heating system will break down during the strain from a cold day or night is much lower if your heater is tuned up. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid having to make an emergency repair call?

Maintenance Increases System Efficiency

When your heating system is professionally cleaned, adjusted, and repaired as needed, it will work at greater energy efficiency than a heater that’s neglected. Each year (or if you have a heat pump, every 6 months) that you skip maintenance, you’ll see an increase in the cost to run your HVAC system. So, make sure you aren’t paying more than necessary to heat your home this winter.

Maintenance Increases System Lifespan

To get the most years of effective performance possible from your heating system, you must have routine maintenance done on it. By investing in annual or biannual inspections and tune-ups for your system, you’re also investing in a long service life.

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