January 1 is right around the corner, which means that our customers need to be ready for the SEER2 update that’s going to take place. While it might not personally affect your decisions right now, it could heavily impact your options and budget for the next few years if you’re inclined to purchase a new air conditioning system or heat pump. Let us explain.

New Efficiency Standards Based on the Region

To meet the new SEER2 requirements for an air conditioning system or heat pump in Texas, they need to reach certain efficiency standards. This is the “SEER” rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), or the “HSPF” for heat pumps (heating seasonal performance factor). Let’s take a look at what some of those numbers might be:

  • Air conditioning systems must meet a SEER2 rating of 14.3 for residential units. This means that any system with a SEER2 rating below 14.3 won’t be able to be installed in a residential home after January 1.
  • Heat pumps must meet a SEER2 rating of 14.3 or 7.5 HSPF. Any heat pumps that operate below this SEER2 rating or HSPF rating will not be able to be installed after January 1.

The good news is that most air conditioning and heat pump systems manufactured in the past 10 years have reached above and beyond those metrics–but it is still an important update to consider.

What This Means for Customers

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re thinking of upgrading your air conditioner or heat pump soon, the cost is most likely going to jump due to a limited stock of SEER2-approved systems. We want to urge our customers to get in touch with one of our professionals ASAP to invest in a new system before these changes take place to avoid the price increase.

Also, we want to recommend our customers invest in maintenance for their existing air conditioner or heat pump so it’s less likely to break down and require an expensive replacement shortly. Speak with one of our customer service representatives to learn more about ways we’re helping customers sort out their options!

Better Efficiency, Better Results

In the end, this change will benefit customers once newer, more energy-efficient air conditioners and heat pumps are manufactured. Having a more efficient AC or heat pump with a higher SEER2 rating means that you’ll spend less money on electricity month after month. Also, we’ll be putting less strain on the power grid during storms and extreme weather events, so everyone will be able to benefit from better efficiency!

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