Heat pumps are a great way to take care of two comfort problems at once: heating and air conditioning. They are particularly good options in Texas because they produce high levels of cooling to match a standalone air conditioner, and they won’t struggle with our mild winter weather.

Because heat pumps are complex devices that rely on mechanical parts, they can malfunction and wear down to the point that they need repairs. Even if you’ve kept your heat pump well-maintained, you may still expect an occasional need for heating repair in San Antonio, TX. When that happens, trust the work of the staff at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to help you repair your heat pump to full capacity.

Here are a few signs that your heat pump needs our help:

Icing Along The Coils

If you notice ice developing along either the indoor or outdoor coils, your heat pump is in danger of losing its ability to do heat exchange, which will leave you without heating and cooling. You can’t just scrape the ice off—it will come right back. You’ll have to call up heating technicians to investigate and see if the problem comes from a leak in the refrigerant, dirt along the coil, or some other problem that is restricting the coil from absorbing a sufficient amount of heat.

Clicking and Grinding Noises

Loud, strange sounds from any mechanical device are rarely a good sign. If you hear a clicking noise—usually during start-up—it usually indicates that one of the capacitors is failing. The capacitors are responsible for transmitting the electrical charge to the motors to start them running and keep them running. The capacitor will need replacement. Grinding points to failing motors, either worn down by age or dust, and they will also need to be replaced.

Heat Pump Stays in One Mode

If your heat pump will only blow cool air when you want heat, or only blow hot air when you need cooling, then it’s likely the crucial reversing valve that allows the unit to switch functions has broken. There are other possible reasons, such as a broken or miscalibrated thermostat, for this trouble, so call for professionals to diagnose and solve the problem.

To help avoid these problems, make sure that you have signed up for a maintenance program to keep your heat pump tuned up, adjusted, and cleaned. A yearly visit from an expert in heating repair in San Antonio, TX will help your heat pump have a longer life with few malfunctions.

Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating offers speedy repairs, 24-hour Heat pumps, and Heating Repair in San Antonio when your heat pump has trouble. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment. Make sure you sign up for our preventive maintenance agreement to get the most value from your heat pump.

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