Springtime is gorgeous in Texas. We hope you’re enjoying it, but don’t forget that it means summer is just around the corner. Don’t forget to get prepared for the heat. And what should be at the top of your to-do list? Scheduling AC maintenance, of course!

Being diligent about getting your air conditioner a yearly tune-up before the start of the cooling season can save you a considerable amount, both financially and in terms of hassle and wasted time. Here are some of the reasons why AC maintenance is the most important thing you can do to ensure your comfort throughout the summer.

Peace of Mind

When a technician has checked your system over thoroughly, cleaned out a year’s worth of dust, and lubricated all the moving parts to reduce friction and wear and tear, you’ll have so much less to worry about.

Instead of thinking, “I hope the air conditioner starts up on that first hot day”, you’ll know for sure that it will. Instead of wondering, how long can it keep running like this, you’ll know it’s in tip-top condition and will run much longer because of it.

You won’t have to fear that a breakdown could happen at any moment. You’ll simply be able to enjoy the beautiful weather, knowing you can retreat from the heat whenever you need to.

Decreased Repair Needs

Without annual maintenance, air conditioners encounter problems, struggle to work, and even completely break down quite often. Having a professional provide the preventative care your AC unit needs once a year can decrease repair needs by 85%.

That means more time being comfortable and cool, and less time scheduling repairs and overheating while you wait for them, not to mention a lot less money spent on those repairs.

Increased Life Expectancy

Going without maintenance can dramatically reduce the length of time an air conditioner will function before having to be replaced. Lack of maintenance can even cut an air conditioner’s life expectancy in half!

If you want to get your full ten-plus years from your AC unit and avoid the expense and bother of purchasing a new one and having it installed, annual maintenance is the way to go.

When Replacement Is Necessary

If you have very serious air conditioner concerns, and a technician determines that your AC unit is nearing the end of its life, keep in mind that it’s not always worthwhile continuing to invest a lot of money in repairing a unit that won’t last much longer.

Figuring this out now—before the summer heat hits—will give you the time to select a replacement and have it installed, so you’ll be all ready when it does get hot.

A technician can talk you through your options, calculate what size of unit is necessary for your home, and tell you all about the best AC units for Texas, where we need air conditioners that are strong enough to stand up to our weather and get the job done!

Our professionals are ready to take care of you when you reach out. Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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