The air conditioning season isn’t even fully underway here in Texas, but if there’s a problem with your system, you might know right away. We always recommend that you handle your air conditioning problems as soon as possible. The thing about these types of issues is that they can be a slippery slope if they aren’t handled swiftly. Your problems can start to snowball and become even worse or advance to an outright breakdown.

If you want to avoid this, you should come to us for air conditioning repair in San Antonio, TX. We make sure that each of our technicians are well prepared. Each team member is expertly trained, equipped with the right tools, and can give you all the right services. Come to our team today and we’ll give you what you need.

The Time is Now

Here are all the signs that you have an air conditioning repair need. Schedule an appointment with us when you notice any of the following:

Irregular Cycling

If you notice that your air conditioner is short cycling then you’re going to need to call our professionals for air conditioning services. On your end, short cycling might not seem like a big deal. It’s a minor annoyance, but nothing too crazy, right?

Well actually this is wrong, and this line of thinking can send your air conditioner system into a full tailspin. If you notice that you’ve got a system that is short-cycling, then you should schedule an appointment with our team members.

High Air Conditioning Bills

Do you notice that your air conditioning bills are unreasonably high throughout the warmer months? You might notice that your bills increase a little when the temperatures rise, but they should only be high when the temperatures are high. If you notice that your air conditioning bills fluctuate seemingly all on their own, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us.

Bad Air Quality

Bad air quality can mean many things in San Antonio. When we talk about poor air quality here, we’re speaking specifically about problems like high humidity or high amounts of contaminants. If your home feels like a swamp or if you’re having trouble breathing easily when you are indoors, then you should schedule an appointment with our team members.


Do you ever feel like it’s a never-ending journey trying to get your home to a comfortable temperature? If this is something you’re experiencing, then you need to check in with a professional air conditioning technician. You shouldn’t ever have to deal with long-term discomfort in your home.

Warm Air

If you notice that the air coming from your home’s vents isn’t as cool as you’d like it to be, we suggest that you schedule an appointment with our team members. Warm air is a clear sign that you’ve got an air conditioning issue. We can help you solve it though! Call us today.

Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule an appointment. We can handle any of your AC needs.

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