It’s easy to find suggestions about how to spot common AC issues. A rattling sound? Might be the fan. Ice on your evaporator coils? You could be looking at a refrigerant leak. But what if your air conditioner has an unusual problem? Here are a few AC concerns that we see much more rarely. But we’re certainly ready to be of service if they happen to you.

Sinking Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of a central air conditioner is called the condenser because it’s where the refrigerant condenses back into a liquid state as it releases the heat it absorbs indoors. It contains refrigerant coils, a fan and motor, and the most precious component of the whole system: the compressor. This is the part that keeps the refrigerant flowing, and if it can’t do its job, your whole air conditioner is nothing but an overpriced fan.

The condenser is almost always situated atop a pad of concrete. This puts it at the perfect height, keeps it level, and even absorbs some of the vibration to prevent the condenser from rattling until its screws come loose. But sometimes, often because of wet conditions, that concrete slab starts to sink into the ground! This can compromise the connections with the indoor unit, which were established with the unit at a precise height. Worse, if it tilts to one side as it sinks, oil can leak from the compressor, causing it to burn out. You need AC repair in Fair Oaks, TX right away! We might be able to shore up the existing slab. In some cases, a new one must be constructed.

Falling Air Handlers

This problem is specific to ductless AC systems. These have the tremendous advantage of giving you zone control: each air handler has its thermostat. This also means they each have their drainage system. If something goes wrong with the drainage, such as a line being blocked, the water can pool behind the air handler. If the problem gets severe enough, the air handler can even peel away from the wall and fall off! Catch this problem early by noticing any dripping or water stains on the walls around the air handler.

In addition to possibly needing to re-mount the air handler, the underlying issue will need to be addressed to make sure that the condensate flows freely through the drainage line.


Occasionally, insects or rodents will make their way into the ductwork. They can do a lot of damage there, causing holes that allow your conditioned air to leak out, not to mention leaving smelly and unpleasant messes. Another place that can develop pest problems is the condenser. When the heat from the refrigerant isn’t being released effectively, it can be because of caked-on dirt or built-up debris around the condenser coils. When we check that, it can be quite surprising to find that instead of dust or leaf litter, the problem is a nest—of wasps, mice, or even snakes!

This problem might need some help from an exterminator, but after that, we’re happy to be on hand to sort out whatever problems your uninvited guests have caused.

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