Radiant heating is an old and very efficient alternative to standard heating models such as forced-air furnaces. It installs a series of metal tubes and reflective tiles underneath the floorboards of your home. Hot water is then pumped through the tubes, which spreads heat directly through the floorboards and into the feet and furnishings present in the room. In Canyon Lake, TX, radiant heating installation can be performed by several qualified services, but considering the up-front costs, you should be aware of the advantages before pulling the trigger on a radiant heating system. What are the benefits of radiant heating? A few of the more obvious examples are outlined below.

  • Lower month-to-month costs
    Radiant heating is extremely efficient since it doesn’t need blown air or high pressure to do its job. Beyond a little electricity to run the pump, it hardly requires any energy at all, and because there are few moving parts, repair calls are very infrequent. That translates to lower monthly energy costs than other forms of heating, and between that and the infrequency of repairs, you can often recoup the costs of installation over time.
  • No breezes
    Forced-air furnaces work fine, but they also create a lot of problems such as drafts and cold spots. Furthermore, they can spread dust and contaminants through your home, a big concern in places like San Antonio. Radiant heating offers none of those problems, creating a more comfortable environment in your home overall.
  • Improved resale value
    Once installed, the radiant heating system becomes an active selling point when it comes time to put your house on the market. Indeed, the improved resale value could offset the cost of installation, as well as heating your house much more quickly than similar units without radiant heating.
  • If you’re asking, “What are the benefits of radiant heating?” then call on Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating for the answers. Radiant heating installation is just one of our areas of expertise, and we can discuss all the options with you before performing a high-quality heating installation in Canyon Lake, TX. Pick up the phone and call us today to make an appointment!

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