We’re at the tail end of winter moving into spring. If you’ve had heating trouble, we’re sure that you’re aware of it. The question now is—what do you want to do about it?

You could brush off the need for repair until next fall. We wouldn’t recommend this though. Waiting on your repair work only gives your home’s heating services a chance to get even worse. If you need heating repair in Thousand Oaks, TX, we’re going to help you get the service you need. Let’s take the time to decode what those sounds mean today, though. Figuring out the source of your problems can help you address the problems with ease.

What’s Up With That Sound?

Let’s talk about that sound you’re hearing:


Do you hear your heater banging whenever it runs? Banging might make you think that there’s a loose part rumbling around in your home’s heater, in reality though, it’s more than likely a problem with your heater’s start-up process such as an issue with your compressor. The only way to find out for sure is with the help of a professional team like ours.


Now, rattling might be the sound of a loose part. We meet a lot of homeowners who are confused about the implications behind rattling and banging. If you’re hearing a rattling noise or even a tinny, metal-sounding rattling, you’re dealing with a loose part.

When parts get loose they become misaligned but still try to perform. This results in them rattling around in your heater. This isn’t just an annoying noise. It’s something that can damage your heater over time.


Scraping is also the sound of something misaligned within your heater. More often than not though, scraping is something that comes from a belt or gear that’s gone awry.

A scraping sound can also double as “grinding.” If you’re hearing metal-on-metal grinding noises, you need to contact a professional for heating service.


Vibrating is one of those sounds that aren’t necessarily bad in moderation. If you hear frequent vibrating or a loud humming noise then you might be having trouble with your heater’s burner flame.

Go take a look at the color of the pilot light. If you notice that it’s not burning blue, then you’re not getting the proper heating service. Our professionals can take a deeper look at your home heater and help you get the service you need.


This is a sound that’s unlike all the others. The problem with silence is that if it’s happening then you’re not getting the heating service that you need. Silence means that your heater isn’t operating. You should hear a little something coming from your system such as a soft whooshing sound. You might even notice a slight popping noise when your heater first turns on. This is just the sound of the metal expanding or contracting depending on the temperature changes.

If something sounds off about your heater, don’t ignore it. Instead, reach out for help from an expert.

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