Spring is fast approaching which means the flowers are blooming and things are warming up. This makes it easier to plan outdoor picnics and get-togethers but harder to keep your home’s indoor air quality up to par.

You may not realize it but if you have a well-sealed home, then your indoor air quality may be worse than the air quality outside. We can help. Let’s discuss one of the best options to help you combat poor air quality in your home: an electronic air cleaner.

What Is an Electronic Air Cleaner?

An electronic air cleaner is an indoor air quality system that is installed within your ductwork. These systems utilize electricity to trap airborne contaminants that are circulating through your ducts.

Known as electrostatic attraction, an electronic air cleaner draws air through an ionization portion where they are charged. This allows the particles to be drawn to a plate and held there.

How an Electronic Air Cleaner Might Help You

We can talk about the cool technology that makes this kind of air cleaner helpful. However, it helps to know what the actual benefits of this system are.

Firstly, an electronic air cleaner is going to be highly cost-effective.

Secondly, these systems will prevent the continued circulation of airborne bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and other nasty particles.

Thirdly, electronic air cleaners help combat contaminants that would worsen allergies.

As if that wasn’t enough, these systems are relatively low-maintenance making them an investment that helps lower your energy bills, rather than adding to them. This is because the metal plate in the purifier can be cleaned easily, with a wet rag.

Warning Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

An electronic air cleaner can be a great investment in improving your indoor air quality. You may feel unsure whether you have poor indoor air quality to start with though. We can help with that. Here are some indicators that may have air in your home that is less clean than you think:

  • Visible dust exiting the vents in your home.
  • The need for more frequent filter changes.
  • Increased allergy symptoms.
  • Increased mold growth around your vents or in your ductwork.
  • Added problems with illness for residents in the home.

If you are considering an indoor air quality system for your household, it is a good idea to consider installing this system. The key is to work with our pros to get the job done. We can assess your indoor air quality to see if an IAQ system is a good idea and then pair you with a system that will effectively address your needs.

When you’re ready, so are we. You can count on our team of professionals to get your next indoor air quality system installed properly. We’ve been providing reliable services in San Antonio since 1985.

Our professionals are ready to take care of you when you reach out. Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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