Perhaps a better way of phrasing this question is, “What kind of fuel doesn’t a furnace use?” In their long history, dating back centuries, furnaces have used wood, coal, peat, oil, and almost anything combustible. The flexibility of furnaces is one of the reasons they have stayed popular for so long; any home can find one that will work with its available fuel supply.

Today, furnaces typically use one of three types of energy: natural gas, electricity, or propane. Which type will work best for your home depends on several factors. We will run down the three major choices in this post to help with your decision. However, you will need the help of home heating experts to make an informed final choice. Call Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating for all your questions about furnace installation in Boerne, TX.

Natural gas

This is the most common type of furnace in U.S. homes. They run on natural gas piped from a municipal supply. This fuels the burners that create a hot combustion gas that is transferred to the air blown through the ventilation system. Gas furnaces are the most efficient furnace model and cost less to run than other models because gas is a less expensive fuel. They can also reach very high temperatures. But since they require an existing gas line, not every home can install one.


Electrical furnaces are popular alternatives for homes without natural gas. Electrical heating elements inside the cabinet heat the air for the blower fans to send into the house. Electrical furnaces have lower installation costs than natural gas furnaces and can last longer. They also pose little safety hazard. However, they cost more to run and cannot achieve as effective heating as gas furnaces.


Propane furnaces operate in much the same way as natural gas furnaces, except they use a propane supply kept in a tank. Propane furnaces are less frequent today because propane does not burn as efficiently or cleanly as natural gas, and it comes in a limited supply instead of entering directly into a house. Propane furnaces, however, work very well as backup units for hybrid heat pumps, and they pose less combustion risk than gas furnaces.

The furnace that will work best for your home is Yet to Be Determined. To find out the furnace that will keep you warm at the right price will require the work of professional installers, who will examine your home and determine its heating needs.

Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating has been in business for over a quarter of a century, helping people keep warm with the ideal furnace for them. We can help you with your furnace installation in Boerne, TX. Call us today and we’ll answer all your questions and concerns.

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