Winter is a great time of year. It brings along cold nights spent snuggled up indoors, hot cider, and the holiday season spent with those you love. This winter has been cold here in Texas, so we know you want to come home, set your thermostat, and feel the rush of warm air flowing through your vents. The last thing you want during this time of year is a faulty furnace system. If you’ve noticed that your furnace is making a lot of odd noises then it might be time for an upgrade. If you need furnace installation here in San Antonio, TX then contact our team for service.

Hearing a Weird Noise from Your Furnace? Here’s What It Could Mean

Clunking or Banging

Hearing a loud knocking or thudding sound coming from your furnace? Most of the time, these noises come from the air ducts. Your air ducts can start to make a loud, popping sound like this when they expand or contract. Minor popping noises are normal because this metal will change in shape from time to time, but any loud noises are a sign that something is awry with your furnace system.


Does your furnace sound like it’s desperately trying to get the last possible morsel of food from the plate? This is never a good sign, so let’s find the underlying cause of that ‘nails on a chalkboard’ sound. If your furnace sounds like there’s metal scraping against metal when you operate your system, then you probably have a loose part or a severely damaged part on your hands. It’s more than likely that the blower wheel. Have a professional assess your system soon.


If you hear an odd, grinding noise coming from your furnace, then it’s probably coming from the mechanisms inside your system. As your system works, the bearings wear down over time, and the friction on the system increases, which causes this grinding sound. If you hear this sound, then you should call for repairs as soon as possible. If you let this go on for an extended amount of time, it will only make your system worse and could even lead to a breakdown.

Whining or Screeching

If you’re heating high-pitched whining noises or screeching noises coming from your system, then you should call for assistance soon. These noises are commonly caused by a bearing slipping out of place or a worn-out part. You need a professional to recalibrate the various inner workings of your furnace system so that everything is set in motion smoothly again.

What to Do

You should contact a professional service technician from our team if you’re hearing any of these noises. We know that the internet is an amazing resource and that you have a vast number of “how-to” videos and articles at your fingertips, however, no amount of this will ever replace the presence of a professional working on your system. Here at our company, we’re committed to keeping your Texas home warm this winter, so we provide quality service at the best price possible.

If you need furnace repair or replacement, contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule an appointment.

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