Sometimes your heater starts to act a little funny… but you’re not always convinced that you need to repair your furnace system. If you’re like us, you pictured 2020 a lot differently than how it’s been. You probably imagined this year being just like The Jetsons. We’d be able to dialogue with our technology by now. Your heater would be able to look you in the eye and tell you exactly what’s wrong with your system. Unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet so you’re going to need to note some of the signs of furnace trouble.

After you read through all the pointers we map out here and realize that you need help with your heater, you can call us for furnace repair in San Antonio, TX.

It’s Time to Call When…

These are the signs that you need to pick up the phone. Make sure you call us promptly when you notice any of these symptoms of heating trouble:

  1. You’re Cold

    You might think this point is a little odd because San Antonio winters are cold. You’re chilly in the morning walking out to your car and you’re clutching your outer layer tight to your body in the evening.

    This is all well and good if this is happening outside your home. This shouldn’t happen in your home though. If your home’s heater is perfectly fitted to your personal needs, you’re never going to be cold when it runs. If you are cold indoors, then you need a heater service.

  2. Odd Heater Cycling

    If your heater has short cycles or long cycles, it means that your efficiency should be in question. Odd cycles are a bad sign. It’s something you should be sure to handle early in the season.

  3. High Heating Bills

    Don’t ignore a mounting heating bill. This is especially bad if nothing about your heating operation has changed this season. The problem is your efficiency. Take care of your system with repair and it’s sure to take care of you.

  4. Incorrect Thermostat Readings

    You walk over to your thermostat to see how cold it is in your home and you’re bewildered by the reading—“Is this even reading the temperature of my home?”

  5. If you ever feel like your thermostat is shockingly inaccurate, you’re going to need to talk to a professional. An inaccurate thermostat might mean internal dysfunction, an electrical issue, or an opportunity to upgrade.

  6. Foul Odors

    Does your heater stink? It shouldn’t. A heater emitting a foul odor might mean that your health is in danger if you have a furnace. You don’t want to run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  7. Loud Noises

    Nothing about your heater should ever really be loud or new. It’s a machine and it should operate consistently. Anything out of the ordinary means that repair trouble is on the way.

  8. Silence

    In direct opposition to loud noises, you don’t want to hear anything from your home’s heater either. If your system is silent then it probably means that it isn’t working. If you’re toying with your thermostat trying to heat your home and you’re still met with silence, then your heater is malfunctioning

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