We’ve just kicked off the new year here in Canyon Lake so it’s time to ask yourself—is your heater something you should have left in the past? There are a lot of homeowners here in our part of Texas who opt for a standard heat pump to warm their homes. Heat pumps are a great option and they can keep you comfortable in your home for the majority of the year, but sometimes, when the temperatures start to wind down, you might realize that you need better HVAC service in Canyon Lake, TX.

If you’re slowly coming to this realization during this part of the year, this doesn’t have to be a big problem for your home. Instead, you can come to the professionals on our team to get the work you need. We specialize in upgrading Texas homeowners to new hybrid heating systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

What’s a Hybrid Heating System?

Let’s start from the top and make sure that you understand what a hybrid heating system is. Hybrid heating systems are a little different from the standard furnaces or heat pumps that you might be used to using in your home.

A hybrid heating system is the combination of a furnace and a heat pump in your home. The standard would normally be the combination of a furnace and an air conditioning system, but a hybrid heating system is the combination of a heat pump system and a furnace system. Combining these two units can help you get the efficiency you’re looking for.

Why You Should Make the Switch

So let’s break down why you should make the switch to one of these systems.

You’ll Always Have the Best Heating

Do you ever worry about your heat pump’s ability to perform here in the colder temperatures that we receive in Canyon Lake? You’ll never have to worry about that when you have a hybrid heating system. A hybrid heating system allows your furnace to kick in when the temperatures are too cold for your heat pump to handle.

You’ll get cost-effective heating

The thing about running a heat pump in your home is that a heat pump can run during cold temperatures, but it won’t run well or run efficiently. The biggest problem that you’re going to face is the price of your home heating. If you want cost-effective heating that’s going to keep you warm when it counts, you might want to consider a hybrid heating system.

You’ll Decrease Your Environmental Footprint

Do you want to decrease your environmental footprint in your home? Hybrid heating systems are great because of their ability to switch between different fuel sources at the time that’s the most environmentally effective. Hybrid heating systems are environmentally friendly and will ease your impact on the earth and lighten the load on your wallet.

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