Why does wearing a coat keep you warm during cold days? Because the coat layers serve as a barrier to the movement of heat. The reason you feel cold in low temperatures is because heat escapes from your body to the outside air; a coat traps your body’s heat and keeps it close to you, helping to maintain warmth.

This same principle applies to your home: insulation is your home’s “winter coat.” With effective insulation in your home’s walls and floor, you can expect lower heating bills. We’ll explain how this works. If you need improved insulation in Boerne, TX, contact our insulation and air sealing service experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today.

Why Better Insulation = Lower Heating Costs

Insulation is a thermal barrier: it restricts the movement of heat through convection and conduction. During the winter, your heating system produces the vital heat you need to keep comfortable. This heat will attempt to move outside to the cooler air, the same way heat leaves your body in cold weather. It’s the job of the insulation to stop this. Insulation serves as a heat seal that traps warmth inside your home.

This lowers your heating costs in two ways. First, you won’t need to run that heater as much in the first place because the natural heat in your home—from bodies, appliances, and lights—will remain inside the house. Second, the heater will not need to continually strain to replace the heat lost through insulation leaks. If you have a house with poor insulation, the most powerful heating system available will have trouble overcoming the constant loss of heat to the outside. Your house will still feel drafty, with only a few rooms receiving adequate warmth—and all the while you’ll waste money on running the heater.

Improve Your Home’s Heat Sealing For Optimal Heating Efficiency

If you are currently experiencing high heating bills even though your heater seems to be working well, then the problem may be insulation leaks. You will need to have insulation experts inspect your home and find the trouble spots that will need improved sealing. You don’t want your house completely sealed—fresh air is important for indoor air quality—and the insulation technicians will know how to find the right balance.

We offer different options for new insulation and other heating services in Boerne, TX, at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. Call us today to help you improve your home’s heating with a brand new “coat.”

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