When people think of insulation, they tend to imagine it’s only important during the winter. Homes getting “winterized” have new insulation put in the walls and the attic to make sure heat can’t escape into the cold. In Texas, where we tend to have mild winters and sweltering summers, insulation may seem secondary, possibly unnecessary.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Insulation is vital for the success of your air conditioner as well as your heater. Without proper insulation in your home, both cold and hot spells will feel much worse, and you’ll end up wasting money on your energy bills because your AC and heater will have to work harder to bring your house to the temperature you want.

At Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating, we handle all kinds of comfort needs for all kinds of homes. We know how important insulation is, and we want you to know it as well. If you need San Antonio, TX insulation services, reach out to us.

How Does Insulation Work

Insulation serves a basic function: it forms a barrier against the movement of heat. It keeps it out of your home; it keeps it in your home. Imagine these two scenarios:

  • During winter, your heater sends warmth into your house, but poor insulation in the walls and the attic (especially the attic!) lets it leak outdoors with little opposition. You find cold spots all over your home, and the heater struggles to keep the temperature up, which causes premature wear and tear.
  • During summer, your air conditioner blows out cooled air. But it meets a wall of resistance from the heat that gets through weak insulation. You need to keep your AC running more and more just to reach a decent, comfortable temperature. Electricity bills rise and your air conditioner risks a breakdown.

You have several options for insulating your home for both warm and cool weather. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating installs spray foam insulation (great for oddly shaped spaces), blown insulation (ideal for the attic), and radiant barriers (very effective for summer). We can also take care of any repairs or updates you need on your air conditioning or heating system to make certain it works well with your home’s insulation.

Make sure that the place you live is properly armored for every season: contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating and get your San Antonio, TX insulation needs to be taken care of.

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