Are you tired of your home’s current heating system? This is the time of year when we hear from many homeowners about big repairs, breakdowns, and the desire to upgrade to a new system in spring. Sometimes we let the warm temperatures of spring and summer lull us into a false sense of comfort where we forget about the problems our heater created in winter. So, take a moment to think back. If you’re having problems with your heating system now, how long have you had them? We see a lot of homeowners that have the same root issue with different symptoms that result in different repair needs over time.

When it’s time to upgrade your heating system, make sure that you come to Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. Not only do we work with the best brands on the market, but we also have the most skilled technicians in the area. We’re here to help. If you’re considering upgrading your heating, consider implementing a zone system in your home here in San Antonio, TX.

What’s A Zone System?

A zoned system is a system that’s designed to give fine-tuned control over your heating and cooling system. This is done by creating zones in your home with the ability to control the flow of air into each of them, depending on their needs. If you’re someone who feels like the front of their home is always stuffy while the back is always hot, a zone control system can help you accommodate the particular needs of your space.

We provide fine-tuned control by installing dampers throughout the ducts and putting a thermostat in each zone of your home. The thermostat controls the relevant dampers surrounding it. Simply closing off the vents won’t have the same effect as controlling your heating via dampers.

What Are the Benefits?

So why should you make the switch? Zone-controlled heating provides the following:

Increased Comfort

As we mentioned above, zone-controlled heating provides increased comfort for your home. Zoned heating helps eliminate drastic temperature variations in your home. For example, if you live in a two-story home, it’s common for the second floor to remain hotter than the first because heat rises. With a zone-controlled system, you can ensure that the heating power is fine-tuned for the space rather than blasting heat throughout your entire home and just hoping that it sticks in the places where you need it.

Energy Savings

When you provide more heat to the places where you need it, you’ll save yourself money. Sometimes homeowners will run their heaters at high temperatures or for long durations in an attempt to heat spaces that naturally run a little cold. This is an inefficient and costly way to run your system. With zone-controlled heating, you can just provide more heat to the spaces that need it.

A Longer Heating Lifespan

When you don’t overwork your system to overcompensate for uneven heating and cooling needs, you’ll put much less wear and tear on your system. When you put less daily wear and tear on your system you’ll help it last a lot longer—saving yourself a headache and money!

If you want to put a zone-controlled heating system in your home this winter contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. You can trust our team with any and every heating service you need.

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