Given our warm winter in San Antonio, heating maintenance is usually more of a concern than heating repair. Like any other system, your heater can break down from time to time, requiring an expert technician to come in and take a look. A maintenance session — which consists of cleaning off the dust tightening loose fittings, and running the system to look for any specific problems – is usually a more reliable means of handling your heating system than simply waiting for a component to break down. Accordingly, you should probably set up a regular schedule to have your heater maintained, ideally every year before the winter heating season begins.

Here are 3 benefits of scheduling maintenance for your heating system.

  • It prevents repair bills. Maintenance sessions help you spot small problems before they become large ones. That means that repair sessions can be kept small or even prevented altogether provided you schedule maintenance sessions regularly.
  • It improves efficiency. The little “tune-up” steps taken during a maintenance session help reduce friction on moving parts and lower wear and tear overall. That means your heater will use less energy to perform its functions, which translates to lower monthly energy bills for you.
  • It extends the life of the heater. With less friction and lower overall wear, your furnace will last a lot longer than it otherwise might before it needs to be replaced. Regular maintenance may even help you get years out of your furnace in some circumstances, which is always an agreeable outcome.

The benefits of scheduling maintenance for your heating system are self-evident, especially here in Texas. Getting heating maintenance service in San Antonio is part and parcel of reliable home upkeep, and with the levels of dust and grime that can build up during our warm summers, a little TLC can go a long way. To set up a maintenance session or establish a regular schedule for heating upkeep, contact the experts at Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating. Our trained staff will operate with skill and care, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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