Winter is here. In between hanging your stockings, making hot cocoa, and taking trips to view the lights around town, you’ve started to notice that your home isn’t all that comfortable. We know what this is like. Subtle problems that are in the early stages of being an issue are sure to become a problem. You need to rely on professionals for the service you want.

If you’re looking for heating repair in San Antonio, TX then we’re the team that can provide it for you. Our professional expertise will allow us to help you with your heating system problem and give you the information you need to know along the way.

7 Signs of a Bad Furnace

These are the signs you should watch out for this winter that indicate something is wrong with your heater:

  1. Foul Smells

    Have you started to notice some foul odors when you run your home’s heater? This is a sign that your home’s heater is suffering. A foul odor is a clear sign that something has gone awry. It could be potentially dangerous and carbon monoxide-related if you’re running a furnace. Make sure you come to our heating techs sooner rather than later.

  2. Lack of Heat

    You’re not as warm as you’d like to be. It feels like no matter what you do you just can’t get warm. We’re the professionals who can handle your repair work. We’re here to help you with exactly what you need.

  3. Discolored Pilot Light

    Your pilot light should always be blue. If your flame is yellow, orange, or even red, then it means that your heating system is encountering an issue. A discolored pilot light can indicate excess carbon monoxide and other trouble.

  4. Difficulty Starting the Unit

    You turn your thermostat to your heat setting of choice and then… nothing. No sound indicating that it’s turned on and no heat in your home. This is a clear sign that you need heating repair.

  5. Loud Noises

    Any noise coming from your heater that you can classify as “loud” or “new” is a major problem. Your heater should be quiet and not noticeable on a sonic level on its best days. If you start to notice that it’s growing in sound the longer you run your heater, then it’s time to have a professional come out to your home.

  6. Low Indoor Air Quality

    Your home is dusty, you’re sneezing more often than usual, and you’re just generally uncomfortable. These are all signs that you have poor indoor air quality. Your home’s heater can directly impact your IAQ especially if the air is dry and dusty. If you notice these issues, then it’s time to contact us.

  7. High Heating Bills

    Your heating bills should always be in a reasonable range unless you’re doing something drastically different. At most, things might be a little higher this year just because you’re spending more time indoors these days. Outside of this, you should always have consistently priced heating. If there’s been a huge spike in your bills, then it’s time for heating service.

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