Now that things are heating up outside, we want to take a moment to get you prepared for all that’s to come. Air conditioning problems are something you want to be well-versed in ahead of the curve rather than retroactively. This way, you can spot signs of potential harm and handle them as soon as possible.

The one thing you might have trouble with is determining when you need emergency AC repair in San Antonio, TX. This is when we can step in to help. There are many signs that you might need air conditioning repair. Here are a few that you should note and get a professional to help with right away. We’re always here when you need us most. We offer 24-hour emergency service within an hour.

Odd Smells

Maybe you’ve noticed chronic musty smells whenever you run your air conditioner. If you don’t notice mold anywhere in your home and you’ve searched for any potential blind spots, then it might just be built up on your AC’s coils. This is something that can degrade your air conditioner’s operation with time.

Warm Air

Have you noticed that there’s warm air blowing from your vents even when you have a cool temperature dialed in on the thermostat? This is worthy of an urgent repair response.

High Humidity

Have you noticed that you’re having trouble with humidity balance in your home? This isn’t something you should just note and not do anything about. High humidity can be a sign that your air conditioning system is going through significant trouble. Urgent repairs are needed when you notice this because it can escalate quickly.

Constant Breaker Trips

If your home’s breaker trips all spring and summer long, then it’s time to contact a certified professional. Breaker trips denote the AC overheating.


A sure sign that you should contact a professional is if your air conditioner won’t turn on or operate for you. This isn’t something that you should try to wait out or figure out on your own. It’s a clear sign that you have a major issue with your air conditioner and if you don’t handle it ASAP, you might be left without comfort when you need it most.

Don’t Choose Just Anyone

We want to leave you with a word to the wise: make sure that you choose a professional team. We know that it can seem overwhelming trying to get a professional out to your home on short notice. On top of this, it’s all too tempting to choose amateur work when they promise all the quality of professional work for a fraction of the price. This isn’t something that you should fall victim to though.

Choosing a team of professionals like ours will make everything easier. When you invest in the service you receive, you’re decreasing the likelihood of a future repair issue or discomfort over the spring and summer seasons. You’re also decreasing your likelihood of stress. You can rest easy because our professionals are trained and they make sure their work is up to par.

Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating for your emergency air conditioning repair needs this season.

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