Texas residents are well aware of the need for a properly functioning air conditioner. With temperatures already heating up, you are likely already using your air conditioner this season. While keeping up on your air conditioner maintenance appointments will help you extend the life of your system and potentially prevent big issues, you may still run into a problem now and then. You’ll want to handle these repairs right away, as you won’t want to be faced with a malfunctioning air conditioner in the middle of summer. Below we’ve listed 3 signs that your AC needs immediate repairs.

  1. Clanging Noises

    If you hear metal striking on metal within your AC system, turn it off right away. Loose mechanical parts could create this sound, or the cause may be bent fan blades. No matter what the issue, it can cause significant damage should you continue to run your system. Don’t ignore this noise. Let a professional HVAC technician take a look.

  2. Grinding/Screeching Sounds

    This is another noise that should not be ignored. It may be a sign of dirt along your motor bearings or worn down bearings. Grinding noises are common with a motor is about to burn out. Regardless of the cause, grinding or screeching sounds are both signs of a problem with your air conditioner motor. Your HVAC technician may recommend a replacement rather than repair if the motor is too far gone.

  3. Hissing Noise

    This noise can be very subtle at first. If you notice a hissing sound coming from your air conditioner though, you shouldn’t ignore it. Usually, this sound is caused by refrigerant gas escaping from a leak in the lines or a loose connection. Losing refrigerant significantly impairs your AC system, as it is unable to effectively cool. Additionally, a refrigerant leak can lead to catastrophic damage to your compressor.

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