Fall is the perfect time of year to evaluate how your air conditioner handled the past summer. If things didn’t go as well as you would like, you’ve got plenty of time to address the situation before the weather heats up again next spring.

Is your air conditioner struggling? Is it perhaps getting a little old? In Texas, air conditioners have their work cut out for them. How long can you expect your AC unit to last? Here’s what you should know.

How Long Air Conditioners Last

In general, most central air conditioners can work well for at least ten years and sometimes as much as fifteen. As they reach the upper end of that potential age range, they are likely to experience more issues, need more repairs, and operate a little less efficiently. At some point, it becomes more costly to keep running it than to invest in a new unit.

How Texas Affects Air Conditioners

A major determinant of how long an air conditioner can keep chugging along is how much of the time it spends running. In cooler climates, where air conditioning is used less of the year and less intensely when it is used, an air conditioner might last longer. Dust can also be a consideration, but as San Antonio is more humid than many parts of Texas, it’s not a major concern here.

How to Prolong Your Air Conditioner’s Life

There are a few different factors that impact how likely it is that your air conditioner will last ten or fifteen years. The better you can control these factors, the longer your air conditioner will keep running well.

  • Maintenance: Annual maintenance is critical to keeping your AC unit functional for as long as possible. This will eliminate dust and grime, keep things lubricated, and address minor issues before serious repair needs develop.
  • Repair: Many AC problems can cause a lot of strain to the system overall if they are not repaired promptly, so if you notice a problem, get repairs right away.
  • Air Filter Changes: This is something you should be doing yourself very frequently. During high-use times, the air filter should be changed every month to cut down on wear and tear that would otherwise affect the lifespan of the unit. If you’re using your AC more occasionally, change the filter every third month.
  • Amount of Use: An AC unit will run less in a home that is well-insulated and weatherized against drafts. You can also cut down on use by running ceiling fans counterclockwise, blocking the sun when it hits windows, and using a dehumidifier to make your body feel cooler even when the thermostat isn’t kept quite as low.

When Replacement Is Needed

When you do need to replace your air conditioner, the most effective way to make sure your new unit will have a long life is to have it professionally installed. DIY or amateur AC installation can cause major problems that impact AC longevity. Have your new air conditioner installed by a qualified AC contractor in San Antonio so it will be set up for success for many years to come.

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