Recent weather may have been rainy, but temperatures are warming up, which means we’re almost ready to stop using our heating systems. With spring creeping up on us pretty quickly, it’s easy to ignore any San Antonio, TX heating repair needs you might have. But this could be very damaging to your heater, and your comfort the rest of this winter.

But how do you know when you need heating repairs? Are there any telltale signs, other than a complete heater breakdown, that let you know your heater is in disrepair? Some symptoms aren’t as apparent as others, but yes there are certainly indicators you can watch out for. Keep reading to learn what they are.

These Signs Indicate You Need Heating Repair

  • Odd, or unfamiliar, sounds like banging, groaning, or whining coming from the system.
  • Low airflow or lukewarm air coming out of your vents, no matter how high you turn up the thermostat.
  • A spike in your monthly energy bills despite comparable heating use to last year.
  • Your pilot light turning yellow in your gas-powered furnace.
  • Your furnace is struggling to either stay on, turn on, or run without shutting off.

What Causes These Heating Problems?

The issues we mentioned above don’t all have one main source. You could have a problem with your thermostat and not the actual heater, for instance. This is at least one heating repair that should never be neglected, especially since you’re going to need that same thermostat when you’re ready to start using your air conditioning system in a few weeks.

Other potential heating system repairs include breached air ducts, dirty or clogged air filters impacting airflow, or even an electrical problem in the heater’s mechanical system. Ignoring or delaying these needs can cause repair issues to become worse. Thus, the best thing you can do for your malfunctioning heater is to contact our team for a thorough inspection.

Preventing Heating System Troubles

Not every heating system problem can be avoided. However, there are certainly ways to reduce their risk. For instance, you should be sure to schedule maintenance at least once a year—twice a year if you’re using a year-round heat pump system.

During your maintenance session, our HVAC pros will inspect and clean the system, making necessary adjustments to ensure your heating system works effectively and efficiently for as long as possible.

Also during your tune-up, we’ll let you know if you have any small repair needs. Getting repairs scheduled right away can help you avoid larger, and costlier, heater repairs later on. The cleaning part of your maintenance appointment is essential, too.

Over time, debris such as dust and dirt builds up on your coils and other components, which causes the heating system to perform less efficiently. This is why annual or biannual tune-ups are so important. They help to avoid future problems, or at least reduce the severity of those problems.

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