Also referred to as UV air sanitizers or germicidal lights, UV air purifiers are an exceptionally useful system for killing biological contaminants before they have the chance to enter your home. These pollutants thrive in dark, cool environments—such as your air ducts—and can include germs and bacteria, which trigger allergies, asthma, and other illnesses.

UV air purifiers effectively eliminate these microorganisms, which also consist of mold spores, viruses, and other contaminants. One of the main concerns people have about these air purifying systems is their safety. Not to worry though, the light from UV lamps is not harmful to people or pets!

Benefits to Your AC System

In addition to the significant health benefits that installing a UV air purifier offers, it also offers advantages to your overall air conditioning system. With assistance from this air purifying system, your AC will be able to run more efficiently and is likely to experience a longer lifespan than it would have otherwise.

But how does this work? The key is your evaporator coil. UV lamps are positioned within your cooling system to shine directly onto this component. The evaporator coil is where the cold refrigerant inside your air conditioner absorbs heat from the air to cool it down. During this process, the coil creates moisture in the air, which settles as condensation onto the coil itself.

The moisture should drip away into your system’s condensate pan, but if it’s significantly humid in your home then the moisture will remain on the coil, eventually forming mold and mildew. This eventually makes your evaporator coil-less effective at absorbing heat, which can cause damage to your overall system and shorten its life.

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