In the earliest days of central heating and air conditioning, ducts came in only one style: solid, inflexible sheet metal constructed into rectangular channels. Sheet metal ducts still perform a hefty amount of work in many buildings, especially commercial structures. But for homes with smaller spaces, flexible ducts can do a much more efficient job.

Since flexible ducts aren’t constructed from durable sheet metal, they can suffer damage more easily than standard metal ducts and develop leaks that will make them less effective. But does their less durable construction material mean that they have to be replaced if they sustain damage? Do you have an option to repair them instead?

The answer is, yes, flexible ductwork can benefit from repairs. Extreme damage may still require replacement, but since flexible ducts cost less than sheet metal ducts, this isn’t a drastic alternative. However, you should consult with duct repair specialists to see what your best option is. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating can take care of many kinds of problems you may encounter with your ductwork.

We perform duct repair in Selma, TX as well as replacements: whatever your ductwork needs, we can provide it.

The common type of flexible ducts consists of folding plastic material with an insulation casing. Loss of insulation or holes through the plastic will cause a decrease in air pressure and harm your HVAC system’s ability to function, adding unnecessary stress to it.

You can’t repair duct holes using duct tape; despite the name, that’s not what duct tape is good for. What will work on gaps and tears in flexible ducts is mastic sealing, a resin-based material that stands up to temperature changes. This is a job for professionals to handle using a mastic caulking gun.

Professionals can also locate places where the flexible ducts have come loose from their connections and seal them back into place so the problem will not immediately re-occur.

One of the reasons you should not take on repairs to flexible ductwork yourself is that it is difficult to access many of the ducts in your home, and detecting where leaks have started to occur presents a problem if you lack HVAC experience. Tampering with ductwork can lead to more problems… you need the experts to take care of this job to keep the repairs from spiraling out of control.

In the long run, you’ll be thankful you called a company like Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to handle your flexible duct repair needs in San Antonio, Selma, and beyond!

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