When you live somewhere like San Antonio, chances are that you do think a bit about your air conditioner. You want it to operate effectively and efficiently, after all. What most homeowners don’t think about is the “V” in “HVAC”—the ventilation that connects your air conditioner to the outside, making the distribution of cooled air possible. This ventilation system, known as your air ducts, is typically out of sight—hidden behind walls, beneath floors, or in your attic and crawlspace.

Unfortunately, if you had your ductwork installed by an amateur, or if you have aging ductwork, there’s a good chance it’s accumulated damage over the years. If your air ducts are impacted by leaks, poor connections, or improper construction, you might be experiencing problems that lead to poor HVAC efficiency and possibly San Antonio air conditioning repair needs, as well. One of the most common problems that lead to damage is ductwork that wasn’t properly sized for the home in which it’s installed.

The Problem with Poorly Sized Ducts

First off, if your ductwork isn’t properly sized, you’ll probably notice soon after a new cooling system installation, since your air conditioner will make noise due to the restriction or blockage of airflow. Unfortunately, many homeowners hear noise and assume it’s just a noisy air conditioner. This shouldn’t be the case though, especially if it’s a brand new air conditioner we’re talking about.

When your ductwork is too large, it will cause reduced airflow, and this will result in uneven temperatures throughout your living space since conditioned air won’t be reaching all of your vents. Studies have shown that improper duct design and/or installation can lead to as much as a 60% loss in cooling, and heating, efficiency.

Not only is this a strain on your wallet, but it’s bad news for your HVAC system as well since that system will struggle to reach the temperature set for it, and as a result, the system will begin to degrade and age rapidly. This means more repairs to components such as motors, fan belts, and compressors—plus you might find yourself facing a premature replacement for your HVAC system and the sudden expense of purchasing a new one.

Other Types of Ventilation Problems

Whether your ducts aren’t sized correctly or they have bad connections, poorly installed ducts might not be connected the right way, and therefore will experience air leaks. You’ll notice a reduction in cooling power for your AC as a result, as well as heating power from your heater.

Another problem that can affect any aging ductwork no matter how well it was installed, is if it’s installed in a hot attic with no real protection from the elements other than your roof (which is a terrible insulator). Your ductwork can accumulate pinhole leaks as a result, which will need to be professionally sealed so you don’t lose out on conditioned air.

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