Rust is the result of a reaction between iron and oxygen combined with moisture from water or air. This reaction creates the red iron oxides that we know as “rust.” Given enough time, rust can chew away almost any iron or iron alloy and turn it into flakes. You do not want rust getting into the metal of your heating system and causing damage that will lead to repairs and eventually the need for a replacement system.

When you notice any issues in your heating system because of rust or other corrosion, call for repairs right away. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to serve you 24 hours a day with emergency heating repair in San Antonio, TX. Don’t wait for rust to cause you even greater problems.

Common heating repairs because of rust

  • Replacing cracked heat exchangers: Although it may sound odd that a gas-powered furnace, which doesn’t use water to create heat, can develop rust, it can occur because of the reaction between combustion gas and the metal of the furnace. This rust should occur slowly, however. If the furnace has poor ventilation, or if leaks from an air conditioner seep into the furnace’s cabinet, the process will speed up and result in a dangerous situation: cracks developing in the heat exchangers. These cracks can release carbon monoxide exhaust, which is toxic and an explosion hazard. Rust along the inside of a furnace needs to have professional attention immediately.
  • Cleaning the burner: The burner in a gas furnace is where the gas jets ignite to create the heat that will raise the temperature of the air. If rust develops along the burner, it can restrict the flow of oxygen and prevent the jets from turning on. A rattling or booming noise often indicates this problem developing. Experts will need to detach the burner unit and remove the rust.
  • Heat pump repairs: Heat pumps produce condensation and water vapor as they operate, so rust can occur inside them and affect different components, such as the reversing valve, the motors, and the evaporator coils. You cannot have rust anywhere inside a heat pump or it will severely affect the system’s performance. Professionals will need to replace the rusted parts.

Rust is one of the biggest warning signs you can encounter with your heater; don’t “tolerate” a “little bit” of rust when you see it on your furnace, heat pump, or any other heating system. The rust will only continue to grow until the damage turns catastrophic. Call our heating technicians to find out why the rust has started, how to get rid of it, and how to prevent it from returning.

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