Spring and fall are usually the best times of year to replace an air conditioner, but if yours is in constant need of repair, not cooling adequately, or is very inefficient, you may need to consider installation now. Summer may not be the ideal time for air conditioning installation in San Antonio, but it’s worse to be without any air conditioning at all. Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating has been installing air conditioners for over 25 years, so we know how to do it correctly, quickly, and efficiently.

Not Sure If It’s Time? Consider These Factors

The decision of whether or not to replace your current air conditioner is a big one, but there are some factors to consider that can help you decide:


How old is your current air conditioner? Is it more than 12 years old? If so, you may be losing out on the benefits of a new AC, such as better energy efficiency.


Have you spent a lot on repairs over the last 2 years? Is there a continued need for HVAC repairs, or are they getting more costly? At some point, if there are enough repairs or very costly ones, you may have already spent an amount close to or equal to the cost of a new system.

Comfort Level

Is your current air conditioner cooling adequately, or is it struggling? Are there any hot and cold spots throughout your home? Uneven and inadequate cooling is a common sign of an aging air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency

How high are your monthly energy bills? Do they seem high? Today’s air conditioners are up to 60% more energy efficient than models from just 10 years ago. Are you missing out on big savings by holding on to your old air conditioner?

While there are better times of year than others to replace your existing air conditioning, the bottom line is that any time is a good time if you are losing money and compromising your comfort level.

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