We’re almost to the time of year when cold weather will become a constant. We know that you can feel that holiday spirit creeping up right around the corner. It’s important to get prepared for this season, but it’s also just as important to square away your air conditioning system before you do anything else.

If you had trouble with your air conditioner this spring and summer then you must call us. We’re here to help you out with your air conditioning repair in New Braunfels, TX. You need to handle it now and we’re here to help.

Why Now?

Are you wondering why you should even call our professionals for air conditioning repair now? After all, it’s fall. Well, we want you to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning repair work now because procrastination is the enemy of a healthy air conditioning system.

Let’s just paint the scene for you. Imagine that you brush off your air conditioning work until next spring. You spend this entire fall and winter not thinking about your heating system, and then spring rolls around next year. You try to turn on your air conditioner hoping that the air conditioning problem you had last summer miraculously went away. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t the case. You’re going to run into another heating problem and if you neglect your AC issue for this long, it’s more than likely that you’ll allow this issue to become a breakdown. This is a problem. We can help out your professionals.

You Should Call for AC Repair

Now you know why you should call for air conditioning repair sooner than later. Here are the reasons why you should call us for air conditioning work. Don’t ignore any of the following issues:

  1. The Unit Won’t Turn On

    Do you struggle to get your air conditioner to turn on? It doesn’t matter if it’s a mechanical problem or an issue with your thermostat. Our professionals can help you no matter what the issue is. We’re the only one you want to trust for high-quality air conditioning work.

  2. Short Cycling

    Short cycling is the process of your air conditioner starting, stopping, and starting up again shortly after. This is a bad sign. It means that your efficiency is in jeopardy and your air conditioner could be flirting with a breakdown.

  3. Odd Noises

    “Odd” noises from your air conditioner are pretty much anything that isn’t the sound of air moving through your vents. Call a professional for professional work to fix this.

  4. Leaks

    Do you ever notice that your outdoor unit is leaking a little? Leaks are bad all around. It doesn’t matter what the source is. You need our professionals to help.

  5. Low Airflow

    Have you noticed that you need to run your air conditioner in a new manner to get quality cooling? If you’re experiencing this, then you probably have to run your air conditioner all day or at lower thermostat settings to get the cooling you’re used to. This is a problem.

Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating today for your air conditioning repair. We’ll knock it out before the fall weather is here.

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