When you’re thinking of a quintessential cold-weather state, you’re not thinking of Texas. Nonetheless, as a homeowner here, you know that winter temperatures can get pretty cold. Homeowners often fall into the trap of neglecting their heating services because we’re all so focused on keeping the hot and humid heat of summer at bay.

When you’re looking for comfortable heating options alongside energy-efficient means then make sure that you consider a hybrid heating system. Many people aren’t aware of what this term means, if you’d like to know more about it, keep reading below. If you’d like to install a hybrid heating system in your San Antonio, TX home this winter, make sure that you contact our team.

Understanding Hybrid Heating

Let’s cover the basics first. If you’re asking yourself “What’s hybrid heating?”, we’re here to explain. Hybrid heating (also referred to as dual fuel heating) uses an electric heat pump and a gas furnace in tandem to heat your home. Combining these two heating systems gives you the advantages of both systems while eliminating any of the issues you might have with just one. Hybrid heating systems are designed to give you the most heating power possible through the most energy-efficient means.

How These Systems Work

A common misconception about hybrid heating systems is that you have to make the switch from using your heat pump to using your furnace system. This is untrue. The beauty of a hybrid heating system is that it can sense when your heat pump is no longer able to heat your home in an energy-efficient manner and it will make the seamless switch from heating your home with a heat pump to heating your home with a furnace.

Why Make the Switch

So all that above sounds nice, right? But why should you make the switch? Here are a few compelling reasons:

  • Increased Comfort: We find that a lot of San Antonio homeowners can’t get comfortable in their homes in winter because they’ve overlooked their heating services. Although it doesn’t get unbearably cold here in Texas, it does get pretty chilly so there are instances where a furnace could be necessary. When that’s the case, a hybrid heating system is a great option.
  • Save Money: A hybrid heating system helps you save money because you’re still getting the energy efficiency of a heat pump and the warmth of a furnace when you need it. When it gets really cold and you still force your heat pump to do the job of providing warmth for your home, this practice is no longer energy-efficient. Having the option to use a furnace during this time is incredibly beneficial.
  • Eco-Friendly: Now more than ever, homeowners are trying to reduce their carbon footprint through their home and a hybrid heating system is a great way for you to do this. Since this process takes a lot less energy to warm your home but still has access to extra heating power when needed it ensures that you’re always using the most energy-efficient means of heating for your space.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your heating system this winter, consider hybrid heating. Contact Cowboys Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule an appointment today.

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