Halloween may be a little over a month away—but no, the weird noises coming from your air conditioner probably don’t mean it’s haunted. Although, they likely do indicate that something is amiss within the system!

Some sounds are a sign that you need a simple adjustment, but others can be more serious and should be addressed quickly with professional San Antonio, TX AC repair services. Keep reading to learn about the different sounds you may hear, and what they mean.

Screaming or Screeching

This is probably among the most concerning sounds you can hear coming from an air conditioning system. If you do hear this, be sure to shut off your AC and call our professionals. This sound very likely indicates high pressure rising from a faulty compressor.

If you let this go on, then it will result in a domino effect, impacting other parts of the cooling system. For instance, it could cause a refrigerant leak, which will render your air conditioner useless.


It’s essential to note that any time your air conditioner makes an unfamiliar noise, you should call in a pro. A banging noise is one of those sounds. While it may seem minor, it can indicate any number of things.

It might be as simple as an obstruction inside or outside the machinery, but it could be more serious. A stick or rock might be stuck in the fan, causing it to tumble around, or the fan itself could be loose. This can impact other components within so be sure not to ignore this noise!


A loud buzzing sound is indicative of a few possible things. It may be that it’s coming from a blower motor that’s wearing out and thus needs replacement. It may also mean that there is loose wiring which is not establishing connections.


Clicking noises are pretty common for air conditioning systems, particularly during startup and shutdown. However, if you hear persistent clicking coming from the system, it might be a sign that it needs repair. The clicking could be coming from defective electrical components—the thermostat might not be connecting properly with the system yet is constantly trying to do so.

Hissing or Bubbling

If you hear a sound reminiscent of hissing or bubbling, then you likely have a refrigerant leak. A common misconception about refrigerant loss is that it’s meant to leave the system, like gasoline leaves from a car.

However, your cooling system is supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation to ideally last its lifetime, so if you’re losing any it means you have a leak, which can and will negatively impact the operation of your AC the longer you let it go on.

If you hear any of the above-mentioned noises coming from your cooling system, it’s time to give us a call. Essentially, a good rule of thumb is if your air conditioner is making a noise that you’ve never heard before, it needs to be looked at by a trained and experienced HVAC professional.

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